The town of San Elizario in El Paso County in West Texas has roots dating back to 1598 but we are now facing a threat of losing our entire identity as a corrupt government is looking to annex the heart of our business district to use the tax base to pay its debt and build in their own community. And it seems according to Texas law, they have every right to do so and continue to take our land each year! The only way to stave them off is to find a loophole that will delay annexation on their part and incorporate. However, San Elizario though rich in history and full of potential, is recognized as a distressed community therefore we need to raise funds for both representation and to proceed with the process of incorporation.

The City of Socorro has long been a friendly neighbor but the list of corruption within its government is long… One former mayor is serving time for drug trafficking, one former mayor (his father) is being investigated for public corruption, two current city council members seem to be in violation of the constitution due to extending term limits without their constituents having a voice in the matter, (This finding being the result of an opinion released by the Texas Attorney General.) the police department is under investigation for official oppression, aggravated perjury and tampering with governmental records. The father of one of the current city council members in violation of an extended term is charged with 8 felony counts in a public corruption case in Southern California. As a result of all the corruption connected to Socorro’s City Government, and the fact that their residents are crying out against this due to their own needs not being met, (i.e. no sewage, unpaved roads, street lighting, etc.) both communities are fighting to put an end to this attempt at annexation. And in the meantime, it will allow the community of San Elizario to proceed with incorporation to put a stop to this injustice once and for all.

Please help us in our fight and continue to share our story. After all, what is a community if not your friends and family? Please don’t let a crooked bully destroy our home.