Help Tracy and Brian Oden (sister and brother) obtain a credible and qualified attorney to represent them in a race hate crime lawsuit against a Gwinnett County magistrate judge, the City of Sugar Hill, GA, The Links HOA, Publix Shopping Center, Eckerd Drugs and various other community
harassers. Tracy Oden and Brian Oden are being racially harassed by this group of individuals because they are black. Tracy Oden purchased a home in an all-white upscale subdivision in 2004/2005 timeline. Unbeknownst to Tracy she purchased her home in northern Gwinnett County, GA (about a mile and a half from the infamous Forsythe County, GA -- the Georgia county known for white supremacy activity). Due to the judge's immunity, Tracy, the homeowner, is unable to obtain credible attorney representation which is her constitutional right. Her harassers have learned of her evidence and her unwillingness to drop her campaign for justice. Tracy and Brian's life is now more endangered. Please help her obtain justice. Call your congressmen/women, NOW! Please sign her petition. To learn more about Tracy's story please view https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfo5k9kybGkprSJaC5dSwBd7mDvYM1Io8. Please view Tracy's housing evidence at: http://www.doesracematter.spruz.com/hosts-personal-evidence.htm,