Today and every day is ONE DAY to end animal abuse and restore respect for all animals. On June 14, 2013, National Flag Day will also be a day for ANIMALS. The time has come for us to follow and join in the international movement to change how animals are regarded and treated.

Rise up and be counted, as our impact is in committed numbers. Wherever you are on this day - be patriotic to animals and hold up your handmade t-shirts and signs and flags. Animals want you to recycle - so get creative and proudly stand up for animals! You decide where you want to be - on the street or on-line. It really is that easy, and free.

Join us, this generation is ready to listen!
Join and become a "warrior for change"

:: ONE DAY SIGN-UP LINK WEB PAGE : http://onedayprotestagainstabuse.weebly.com/index.html

:: ONE DAY PROTEST WEB PAGE : https://onedayprotestagainstabuse.weebly.com

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