Green Terraces (GT) is an initiative that combines urban agriculture tools and simple engineering practices to make hilly urban slums more stable and sustainable. Community input  is a great part of the the success of this initiative, which makes Green Terraces a flexible project, adaptable to any mountainous poor region in the world. This project was a finalist of AECOM's 2012 Urban SOS student competition. In 2013, the project will start to grow in Bogota, Colombia, in partnership with local NGO TECHO- Colombia. For more information about Green Terraces entry in Urban SOS click here. For more information about TECHO, click here. Your donation and participation in the growth of GT will help us expand sustainable urban agriculture practices in the poorest urban slums of Colombia, helping thousands of families have an extra source of food and income and at the same time help make the land around them more stable and less prone to landslides. 
Please contact one of our Cause Leaders if you would like to help the GT project expand to other regions of the world. **Descripción en español abajo.

STARTING IN COLOMBIA In Colombia more than 5 million people have been displaced since 1985, most of them forced to move to the fringes of big urban areas, such as the Bogota-Soacha border. 

A mountain range divides Bogotá from the town of Soacha. This mountainous border has been home to gravel extraction industries for many years and the land is heavily degraded. Displaced migrants have found a home in this border zone and now thousands of families live on these hills. The border nature of the area has made it a neglected zone by both Bogota and Soacha. 

In recent years the area has been continually affected by landslides and flooding, putting many people in dangerous living conditions. In Bogota alone, 10,000 people were affected by the rainy season that hit Colombia between 2010 and 2011 due to landslides and floods, most of them residents of Ciudad Bolivar. 

Green Terraces addresses these contemporary threats, which have affected many sectors of the Colombian society but especially the vulnerable communities, which are the displaced people and people living in fringe settlements. The project aims to target eroded and dangerous slopes in the Bogota-Soacha border by converting them into agricultural terraces, giving people an opportunity to use the slopes that were previously useless and dangerous to generate economic opportunities and safe community areas.

The main objectives of Green terraces are: 1. To reduce the impact of erosion on the vulnerable houses and infrastructure of this area. 2. To reduce the impact of downhill floods and to increase the soil capacity to retain water 3. To enhance community living, food security and the economy of the area 4. To provide opportunities for water and waste management in an area with poor service provision.  The integral use of the terrace system will have a great input from the local community to adapt the design to their specific needs. Every community has a different background, not all migrants have the same needs and not all border residents have the same concerns.

Green Terraces is a versatile project. Landslides in poor urban mountainous areas are a problem not only common in Colombia but in many other Latin American cities and especially cities in The Andes mountain range. Although the project is aimed to start in Colombia, it is a versatile idea, implementable in any other country or region.

With just a click you can join this Cause and help spread the word about the importance of urban agriculture to face poverty from different angles, including landslide prevention.  ..............................................................................................................................

Green Terraces (GT) es una iniciativa que combina la agricultura urbana con técnicas simples de ingeniería para mejorar la calidad de vida de barrios pobres y montañosos. La participación de la comunidad local es escencial para éxito del proyecto. GT es una idea flexible, y adaptable a diferentes tipos de comunidades. 

El proyecto de Green Terraces fue uno de los finalistas de la competencia internacional Urban SOS 2012. EN 2013, el proyecto empezará a realizarse en Bogotá, Colombia, en asociación con TECHO.  Para más información sobre GT en Urban SOS, haga clic acá. Para más información sobre TECHO, haga clic acá.

Haciendo clic en ´Join´ e invitando a sus amigos a hacer parte de esta Causa, está ayudando a GT a crecer y expandir prácticas sostenibles de agricultura urbana en los barrios más pobres de Colombia.

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En Colombia más de 5 millones de personas han sido desplazadas de sus tierras, y forzadas a asentarse en los bordes de grandes áreas urbanas, como el borde Bogotá-Soacha.

La zona montañosa que divide Bogotá de Soacha ha sido continuamente afectada por deslizamientos de tierra e inundaciones. En Bogotá más de 10,000 personas fueron afectadas por la temporada de lluvias 2010-2011 por los deslizamientos que esta generó.

GT propone atacar estos problemas por medio de sistemas de terrazas verdes, que combinan agricultura urbana con estabilización de la tierra. Los objetivos principales del proyecto son:

1. Reducción del impacto de la erosión en infraestructura vulnerable.

2. La reducción del impacto de inundaciones y mejoramiento de la capacidad de retención de agua del suelo.

3. Creación de oportunidades comunitarias, seguridad alimentaria y mejora de la economía local.

4. Oportunidades de manejo de residuos para compostaje y manejo de aguas lluvias para residentes.

El uso integral de las terrazas verdes tendrá un gran aporte comunitario para adaptarse a las necesidades locales. Cada comunidad es distinta y GT se adapta a este hecho.