Green Terraces Update - What is next / Qué sigue?

We are proud to announce that Macquarie University ( in Sydney, Australia, has donated a total of AUD$1000 to support Green Terraces.…Read More

Green Terraces, únete a la causa!

Green Terraces (GT) es una iniciativa que combina la agricultura urbana con técnicas simples de ingeniería para mejorar la calidad de vida de barrios pobres y montañosos. Mira el video oficial de GT en youtube…Read More

Hold on! We are still in the process of setting up a donation system

Join our Cause! We are still in the process of creating awareness about the existence of the Green Terraces project and the importance of urban agriculture to mountainous urban slums. We need your support to spread the word to get sponsorship and people…Read More

Join and help us create awareness! / Únete a la causa y ayudanos a crear conciencia!

By joining this Cause, you are creating awareness about the importance of urban agriculture to relieve poverty in urban mountainous…Read More

Green Terraces - a solution to landslides through urban agriculture

Green Terraces is an initiative that combines urban agriculture tools and simple engineering practices to make hilly urban sums more stable and sustainable at the same time.  This project was one of the three finalists of AECOM's 2012 Urban SOS student…Read More


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