Help us greving parents put a stop to this naw!!! Stop the Nasty Social Services from stealing our Babys for no good reason....THEY SAY FORCED ADOPTION..."WE SAY NOT AN OPTION!!!!!" The secret courts the social workers all work together to take our babys from us...as its all about the money and corruption..dont know how they sleep at night :( my little 6months old Teejay James Powell <3 was stolen and forcefully adopted out while i was in hospital hes 18 months naw..& i dont know how or were he is the heartache gets worse every day that goes by the lies and the reports thay made up about me are sick just cause i was under S.S as a child they took my world from me,,i miss him dearly..i cry myself to sleep everynight with his blanky....i light a candle and pray for him every day and night and send the angels to lookover him!!...Half of these s.s aint got childeren thats wat makes me sick..they are destroying familys everyday!! god bless all parents and children lost in the system like my lil teejay my thoughts go out to you all!!! xxxxx