Stop using the Royal Express Bus services http://royalexpressbus.com/ to travel anywhere in Gujarat. The Royal Express Bus company is running luxury buses which have no security for passengers luggage in-transit. From the Conductors Mouth in Ellisbridge police station- the luggage cabins located outside the bus can be opened by anyone, using any key- even another bus key. Worst, they do not mark seat numbers with chalks on the luggage, they only bother about the parcels they carry as they have a courier business as well. Thus any passenger has the risk of its luggage vanishing during the journey in just no time.

We had the worst experience of our lifetime as tourist in Gujarat on the 23rd of Jan 2013. My mom and self, two lady tourists, one being a senior citizen, visited Gujarat for the first time. We boarded the RoyalExpress bus  number GJ 12 Z 6900 at Gandhidham at 10:30P.M. on the night of 22nd Jan 2013.  We were traveling from Gandhidham to Ahmedabad to take connecting bus service from Ahmedabad next day for an advanced photography workshop in Sasangir. We depositied our luggage- one red suitcase with all the clothes and valuable photography equipment including a DSLR and one big carry bag to the conductor who loaded in the side luggage cabin in front of us and locked it.

Apparantly there were two conductors, one of whom was going for a vacation and had got down before Ahmedabad and he was the one who loaded our luggage. On arrival at Ahmedabad, the second conductor unloaded passengers luggage and he just found our one big carry bag. The red suitcase went missing, disappeared in-transit!

The staff- Driver and conductor refused to take responsibility for the theft and the Company Manager/Owner-Mr Khatri showed indifference, least bothered about the passenger's loss, inconvenience and took no accountability on negligence of safety and security of our belongings. We were bullied by the 'What can We do' Attitude and unending internal enquiry process with no outcomes. The manager/company owner-Mr Khatri is completely insensitive to the pain and problem faced- we were in the middle of our tour, had to attend workshop in Sasangir and were left with only one set of clothes which we were wearing, lost the second DSLR camera along with all essential equipment for photography required at the workshop which was packed in the suitcase!

Such luggage theft incidents in these buses is increasing at an alarming rate in Ahmedabad and discourages lady passengers and senior citizens to travel freely and safely in Gujarat. We heard a similar incident where an Italian lost his bag which had his passport just 2-3 days back. 

The Gujarat Motor Association, Gujarat Tourism department and Gujarat
Government should take a strict action against the RoyalExpress Bus services http://royalexpressbus.com/. This company is running buses with no security for passengers and their valuable belongings. Their staff is incompetent and has no sense of responsibility and accountability. 

The all the intra-state and inter-state Bus  permits of RoyalExpress must be cancelled to prevent further trauma caused by the loss to more passengers and to set an example for all Bus Operators with casual attitude on responsibility, accountability and security of passengers and their belongings.