A friend in need of a helping hand!

Hey guys, so a friend of mine is in need of some help. His dog has been in and out of the vets recently and they have been amazingly kind and helpful through out the whole process. So he is trying to raise money for them (Peoples Dispensary For Sick Animals)…Read More


Sea world has, today announced that they will be doubling the size of their Orca exhibits! It's not the exact result we all want but its a start! Goes to show what a little bad press and some pushing can do. This news doesn't, by any means, mean that we will…Read More

An Open Letter to Ellen

Dear Ms Degeneres, I am so sorry for the amount of vile abuse spewed at you these past few days. As a Canadian, I think I speak for many from the Great White North when I say that we stand behind you in your plight to stop the seal hunt. Most of our great…Read More

Rare chance to shut down Sea World's Orca cruelty for good!

A Californian congressman has introduced the Orca Welfare and Safety Act which, if passed, would effectively make keeping wild and captive-bred Orcas in captivity for the use of entertainment illegal! However Sea World are planning to launch a counter…Read More


Lately its been increasingly difficult to maintain this on my own. I am in need of some moderators to help! Someone who is passionate about animal rights and can get on here a few times a week to post updates and new campaigns as well as keep this place clean…Read More

Sign the petition to Urge the European Union to Enforce Its 2013 Ban on Selling Animal-Tested Cosmetics today!

EU decision-makers may rule as early as next week on whether to delay the sales ban on animal-tested products that will otherwise go into effect in 2013. This will have an impact in the US, too, since the EU is a large trading partner and US companies would…Read More

Do you have the cutest pet EVER?

Do you have the cutest pet EVER? Enter your pet in the Spay Day Pet Photo Contest for a chance to win big prizes and help raise funds for spay/neuter efforts worldwide.You can even enter via Facebook and choose a photo from your photo albums. Enter now:…Read More
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