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An Open Letter to Ellen

Dear Ms Degeneres,

I am so sorry for the amount of vile abuse spewed at you these past few days. As a Canadian, I think I speak for many from the Great White North when I say that we stand behind you in your plight to stop the seal hunt. Most of our great nation do not agree with the act and in no way support it, yet for our friends to the far north, those out of laws reach, the hunt is not only a tradition but a necessity for survival. Whilst this does not condone their actions, I hope this helps you and many others to understand just why these people are up in arms.

Many of the tribes may not even condone the commercialization of the trade, in many ways we are taking yet more from these people to make a quick buck. Our government defends it as tradition, as a livelyhood for many. These claims may be true, but does hiding the remains in various products and selling them to unknowing buyers also come included in our "traditions"? We claim we are better than the Japanese simply because we don't hunt whales, yet we use the same tricks, the same lies, we weave in and out of loop holes like we were born to do it. Does this really make us a great nation than they? or a nation just greater at disguising the truth?

So again, Ms Degeneres, on behalf of all of your Canadian supporters and those opposed to the seal hunt, we apologize for the behaviour of our fellow man. In their view, their actions may be as justified as ours but we still hold the moral high ground for our own.


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