Tell Mark Zuckerberg: to Unfriend Chris Christie By New Jersey Working Families Alliance (To be delivered to: Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman & CEO of Facebook)

Petition Statement:  Mark Zuckerberg: Friending Chris Christie means 'dis'-liking New Jersey students. Cancel your fundraiser for his reelection campaign today.

-  Mark Zuckerberg has decided to throw a fundraiser for Governor Chris Christie's reelection campaign.
- Zuckerberg made waves when he donated $100 million to Newark public schools in 2010. But just this year Chris Christie is trying to take $50 million away from Newark public schools - half of Zuckerberg's donation. And that's on top of the $3.6 billion he's cut from New Jersey schools -- urban and suburban -- since he took office.
- Tell Mark Zuckerberg that he can't pretend to be friends with New Jersey students while buddying up to Chris Christie. He needs to cancel his fundraiser today.