I am usually signing petitions every day of the week, to either save endangered animals and/or to put food in the bowls of hungry, unwanted, unloved, homeless cats and dogs. Today, I found out, that out of all my face book friends, only one, has taken up one of the many cause that I have shared.
I must say that shocked me. I would have thought many of my friends would follow suit, and the fact that one has is both, heartening and disheartening at the same time.
Today while driving home, I saw 2 young men and an extremely emaciated dog in the back of a truck. It is common practice here, for hunters to starve their dogs. And that sickens me. I couldn't help but think, that if that dog were in a shelter, he would at least be fed. So now, I ask all of my friends and their friends to do some thing, no matter how small, but something to help...The Animal rescue site is a great place to start. just by clicking a link everyday you help feed these poor creatures. I have them send me a reminder, so that every time I check my e-mail, I see this and click the link. It cost me nothing. You to can do at least this, if not more. Please my friends...I beseech you.