Make The Sandy Hook Pledge. This Time, Help Us Secure Real Change and protect our children!

To: Community of Newtown and The Nation
I promise to honor the 26 lives lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School; I promise to do everything I can to encourage and support common sense solutions that make my community and our country safer from similar acts of violence.
It's time to do something. Please "Make the Promise" today and show your support for the families of Newtown, who have asked us as a nation to join together to find common sense solutions to stem the rising tide of mass shootings in America. Let's together "Make the Promise" to the children and educators killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School that we will honor them by our united actions, and not let this important moment pass. The time is now.
1) I commit to work with my Legislators to eliminate “Gun Free”zones, which would more accurately be called “defenseless victim zones.
2) I commit to pressure my representatives in the Senate and House of Representatives to develop a national database of persons with mental illness, and incorporate that into the NICS (National Instant Check System) so that information is available when a firearm purchase is made.
3) I commit to work with my local and state representatives to provide armed security in our schools. This can be done with police, private security, or teachers and other school officials. HOW this is implemented should be a LOCAL decision.
4) I commit to make it very clear to my local, state, and national representatives to resist further infringement of our right to keep and bear arms. Such efforts are nothing more than a stealth campaign to disarm law abiding citizens and have NO effect on reducing crime. At best they are a distraction, at worst, something more sinister.

Take the Pledge!