Through hands-on science and engineering education, Project Philippines 2013 aims to continue building on the foundation laid a year before in Leyte, to help Filipino youths develop appreciation of the scientific traits of inquiry and problem solving, but more importantly, to be empowered and to have to confidence to rise up to face the challenges in their country.

Despite being the 12th most populated country in the world, only 1 out of 12,350 are researchers and only a thousand out of 94 million Filipinos have a PhD in Physics. This is significantly lower than Philippines’ neighbors such as Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia, where 1 out of 8700, 1 out of 3220 and 1 out of 6170 people are researchers. We believe there is enormous potential in many talented young students, but many of them lack the courage or confidence in themselves in pursuing further studies or tacking problems.

The level and quality of education directly affects the welfare and progress of the country and her people, and we believe that we can begin empowering and encouraging the next generation of thinkers, innovators and entrepreneurs to be confident in taking action in tackling problems to make a positive impact.

Project 2013 builds on the similar project in 2012, which was held in Leyte. It was founded upon the realization that while many Filipino youths possess the ideas and skills to make a concrete difference in their communities, they are hindered by circumstance, social stigma or simply of lack of guidance and support.

Therefore, we plan to spend two weeks in Leyte in August 2013, working with various high schools in the Philippines in conducting leadership workshops for the students, and then identifying small problems in their community and giving the students an environment to tackle and solve these problems.

Project Philippines 2013 is the first step towards inculcating the skills of communication, initiative, and action, in order to provide the participants with the necessary tools to break out of the stereotypical classroom-oriented scientist and engineer mold and engineer inspiration in their community and beyond.
Project Philippines is project under SEALNet, a non-profit organization aimed at developing leadership in service projects in South East Asia. More information can be found at http://www.sealnetonline.org. In order for us to get this project off the ground, we need your help! Any donation is welcomed and will be put to use this this project.