This is the 99th year and Nigerians are speaking across all strata of society! In 2014, Nigeria will be 100 years in existence. The Centennial Anniversary should not be just another collection of 'fireworks fora' and 'purposeless politics'. Nigerians are not asking for heaven on earth. We just demand real, positive and tangible changes in the following 10 sectors/issues:

1. Poverty Alleviation (We all now know how rich we are...why should we be poor?)
2. Security/Disasters Prevention and Management
3. Power
4. Housing
5. Food Security
6. Job Creation
7. Social Infrastructure
8. Education
9. Youth and Women Empowerment
10. War against Corruption (especially in Government)


Real Issues
Right now, Nigeria is at an inflexion point. While we are indeed grateful for, and celebrate our story of survival, we must, against all odds, move beyond mere existence to the realm of real success and significance. How do we do that without confronting the real issues of Corruption, Apathy, Medicority and POVERTY!

How did we come to this point? How did we arrive here? Where did we go wrong? And the questions are endless...as myriads as our differences.

But, we have the answers. Locked in our collective consciousness as arguably the greatest nation on earth is that seed of greatness yearning for true expression. Hidden beneath the crust of our hearts is crude brilliance and beauty...and we know it!

Slow and steady wins the race? Never!

After 100 years?

It takes purpose and productivity: dogged purposefulness and creative productivity and that, from both leadership and followership.

We cannot wait for greatness to dawn on us as the rising of the morning, we must wake up to it, we must get into the arena, reach beyond the horizon and on the wings of the wind, climb the clouds to the peaks of success in all areas of human endeavours. Don't we always love to show the true potential of a real Nigerian in impossible circumstances? Of course we do...but we are still faced daily with complex challenges and real issues.

Together, we are greater than our challenges and stronger than the issues.

The time is NOW!

Tell the Government and public office holders:

We must grab the keys that unfettered the shackles of colonialism to unlock the promise of our collective future. We must embark on creative collaborations and cultural innovation that brings to light the true strength of our diversity...we must act now!

Yes, we should celebrate but more importantly, we must create. Posterity looks on as we create their own history.

Our History
On January 1, 1914, Frederick John Dealtry Lugard, 1st Baron Lugard GCMG, CB, DSO, PC (22 January 1858 – 11 April 1945), British soldier, colonial adventurer/administrator and empire builder amalgamated the Northern and Southern protectorate of the River Niger into one colony now known as the Federal Republic of Nigeria or simply, Nigeria.