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Update on January 26, 2013

Rebuilding Schools for the Indigenous People

Ta' Tanu Igkanogon Community Learning Center is a community based
school run by the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines Southern
Mindanao Region in cooperation with the Matigsalog Manobo lumads. They
have 4 volunteer teachers and approximately 60-100 preschool to grade 4
students who attend classes regularly. The school aims to enhance the
life skills and knowledge of the Manobo tribe and teaches the basics of
writing, reading and arithmetic. It also envisions to sustain and value
their culture and traditions towards a unified defense of their
ancestral domain and right to self-determination.

The school is located in a remote sitio of Brgy. Mangayon. It is in a
small upland community populated mostly by Matigsalog, Manobo lumads
who settled in this part of the Diwalwal mountain range since the

Ata-Manobos live on subsistence farming. The council of leaders here
resist mining and other forms of extractive industries. Their community
was totally devastated when Typhoon Pablo hit ComVal and Davao Oriental
on December 4.  

community leaders seized this crisis situation to get the commitment of
the rest of the members of the tribe to to pursue comprehensive
community development focusing on education, health, and sustainable

community and its neighboring sitios is supported by BALSA MINDANAO
 and RMP. Initially, we have started with a food - for - work program, replanting of rice and corn and durable plants (from January to April) , rebuilding of homes for 80 households and rebuilding of three classrooms.  

Please view a short documentary "Lumads lose school to Typhoon Pablo" at: (

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