On December 16th, 2005 my 5 year old daughter was molested. After being molested, her sister was then forcibly raped. It was a violent rape under threat of violence. She was vaginally raped, then forcibly sodomized. She was ten years old.

She told her step father about what happened, and he told me and I immediately raced her to the local emergency room, where they then sent her to the local pediatric rape center. My daughter endured a rape kit, and then following that, she had to take the morning after pill. She was only ten. Her little body was in such a state of shock from the pill, she was vomiting so severely that she vomited blood for three days.

The perpetrator of this assault after learning that there was forensic evidence against him, pled guilty to both cases of sexual assault, and was sentenced to mandatory sexual offender therapy, five years probation, and ten years registry on the juvenile registry because when he committed the crime, he was a juvenile.

Let me explain what that means to the rest of you who have not endured this personal hell. That means, that the boy sitting next to your daughter in school, may be a registered sex offender. You have no legal right to know that fact. That child has privacy rights, even as a criminal sexual predator, to go to your house, hang out and have play dates with your daughter, with out you having any idea he is a convicted felon.

Your next door neighbor that you think is so nice? The one that volunteers to walk your dog and babysit your kids? Yes, he could be a rapist or pedaphile. My daughters were 5 and 10 when they lost their innocence.

Now, 5 years after his sentencing, the same predator who made the statement "I don't know why her mom over reacted the way she did, I didn't stick it in her that far." Has petitioned the court to have his record expunged so that he can attend the college of his choosing with out any blemish on his record, and so that he can live in the dorms with the other kids, like yours, and live close to schools again, and not have to register with the local police stations.

In the meantime my daughters are still in therapy, my older daughter that was raped and sodomized battles thoughts of suicide, self mutilation, night terrors, fear of men, poor self esteem, eating disorders, depression, panic attacks, and social anxiety.

My younger daughter suffers from night terrors, social withdrawal, depression, memory loss, separation anxiety, inability to make friends or trust people, fear of loss, panic attacks, and mood disorders.

These were previously happy, healthy children who lost their innocence at the hands of someone whose only punishment was court ordered therapy, probation, and registry on a juvenile sex offender registry that nobody but the courts and law enforcement can see. If that registry and record gets expunged, any future infraction or allegation against this person will be treated like a first offense, despite the swatch of destruction he has left in our lives.

Please take the time to sign my petition asking the judge to refuse to expunge the record of this self admitted sex offender. Make sure that his record follows him just as sure as the horror of what he did to my girls will follow them for the rest of their lives, even though they didn't deserve it! Tell the judge that you want the kids in whatever college he attends to be safe because the school will have to be notified that a sexual predator attends their institution. Do it for my girls. Do it for your kids. Do it for yourself.

Say no to violence against our children, and say no to expunging the record of this convicted sexual offender and paving the way for a repeat offense!