This is a petition to end excessive posting of petitions & causes on Facebook newsfeed. It seems like there are people who are abusing the privilege of the attention of the masses and jumping on every bandwagon there is just to get face time. It's one mindless post after the next....I'm for war vets, I'm a republican, I'm for this cancer cure, I'm for protecting pittbulls, I love Jesus, Im for gay marriage, I'm for animal rights, I wanna save my sport heroes, free this criminal, protect this child, help clothe this 3rd world country .....n on n on n on....if you r really for a cause get out there n work for it ....don't sit behind a laptop n act as though ur making a difference...I thought fb was about keeping up with your friends and family sharing ur life w people u may not b able to share w otherwise ...I didn't except ur friendship bc I wanted to hear your constant preaching about stuff I could look into , if I was interested, I wanted you as a friend bc i wanna hear what's going on in ur life .....not ur catfish life of a political figure, philanthropist, or priest .....all this constant posting clogs up our news feed n we don't get to really experience what this was all for , seeing what's going on in ur real life ....if you feel the same as I do and others , please pass this on to your friends and like it .......hell we just might make a difference.....LMAO ......how many likes can we get ??