The Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid were constructed during the reign of Pharaoh Sneferu (2613-2589 BCE), father of Khufu of the Old Kingdom. The shape of the Bent Pyramid is unique; it represents a transitional pyramid form believed to have been the result of an engineering crisis encountered during its construction. The Red Pyramid is the world's first true smooth-sided pyramid.

The pyramid of the 12th Dynasty king Amenemhat II (1929-1895 BCE) is now badly damaged. Next to it were found several undisturbed tombs of royal women still containing a large amount of jewellery. The pyramid of Sesostris III was part of a huge complex, with several smaller pyramids of royal women, along with another pyramid to the south. In a gallery tomb next to this pyramid were found two treasures of the king's daughters (Sithathor).

The Black Pyramid dates from the later reign of Amenemhat III and, although badly eroded, it remains the most imposing monument at the site after the two Sneferu pyramids. The polished granite pyramidion or capstone of the Black Pyramid is on display in the main hall of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Next to the pyramid was found the partly disturbed tomb of 13th Dynasty king Hor and the undisturbed burial place of Nubhetepti-khered, possibly his daughter.

Several other pyramids of the 13th Dynasty were built at Dahshur. Only the one of the reign of Ameny Qemau has been excavated so far. Ahmad Fakhri was an archaeologist who worked at this site.

Extensive cemeteries of officials of the Old Kingdom and Middle Kingdom have been found around Dahshur's pyramids. Dahshur was Egypt's royal necropolis during the reign of the 12th Dynasty king Amenemhat II.

In July 2012, Dahshur's entire Christian community, which some estimate to be as many as 100 families, fled to nearby towns due to sectarian violence. The violence began in a dispute over a badly ironed shirt, which in turn escalated into a fight in which a Christian burned a Muslim to death. This, in turn, sparked a rampage by angry Muslims, while the police failed to act. At least 16 homes and properties of Christians were pillaged, some were torched, and a church was damaged during the violence. This incident was reported internationally.[1]

There is a danger surrounding the Dahshur archaeological area and the bent Pyramid according to renowned journalist Yasser El Zayat. Mr. El Zayat reported that armed locals “from land traders and robbers ” stormed the archaeological site and began to distribute the land in the site for illegal construction. El Zayat who works in ONTV also reported that construction has began and is reaching to the bent pyramid by those armed thugs who are threatening archeological inspectors.
Sadly enough there is a military point check few kilometers away from the site and is doing nothing against this attack !! They claim that they are waiting orders from the Central Zone commandership of Grand Cairo !! The police also refused to interfered.
Dahshur is world heritage area according to UNESCO so please call the UNESCO and tell them to do something for God sake.
Already the archeological areas near the pyramids are facing hell on earth from robbers and land thieves with no police or army or security !! Unfortunately the Islamists including the current generations of Muslim brotherhood care less about ancient Egyptian history. They despise the ancient Egyptian history as ancient Egyptians were infidels in prophet Moses’ story !! “Despite the Mother of All Arabs is ancient Egyptians and Joseph ruled Egypt not to mention that there is a belief among unorthodox Egyptologists like late Siyad Kareem that Akhanton was a prophet of God.” Unfortunately many Islamists in Egypt believe now that our ancient history starts with the entry of Islam to Egypt ignoring even some important parts of Islamic Egyptian history like the Fatimid State !!
If you are interested to know more please contact Mr.Yasser El Zayat
(from : "An International #SOS From #Dahshur !!").