Back to Tell Congress: No Deal, No Break

House Democrats advocate for No Deal, No Break

Yesterday, House Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer both called for no deal, no break in regards to the sequester. 

Pelosi said, "People inside and outside the Congress are saying a simple message. No deal, no break." Watch the full video from the press conference here ( 

Hoyer also mentioned the concept of no deal, no break in a press conference, which you can view here ( He said, "The American people ought to send us a message, and to House Republicans: 'no deal, no break.'"

If you want to help deliver the message that Congress should remain in session until a fiscal deal is reached, you need to sign the petition ( It is evident we have grabbed the attention of members of Congress. Let's get enough signatures so that the petition can't be ignored! Make sure you sign the petition ( and share it with others!


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