The recent tragic incident at Delhi has stirred our inner conscious. Stringent laws are required to be made & implemented in true sense for speedy justice. In-camera proceedings be held, the rapists should not be spared & justice should be delivered in no time. No Appeals be allowed against conviction. Stigma attached to the battered soul lives with her life due to our gender based mindset. The worst is that the Advocates & Judges question the integrity & very existence of the victim. She is looked down upon rather than being with her wholeheartedly. The victims deserve prompt justice but volley of questions are rained on her about her past sexual encounters. In some cases, young brides have to undergo medical treatment to clear the virginity test & failure to pass the test may result in isolation & make the woman a social outcast. This is all because of our repressive mentality as we do not shower the respect which a woman deserves. We have to wake up to this burning issue to bring real justice & enact mechanism that the men folk dread to even think of playing with the emotions of women, what to speak of their bodies & souls. The absurdity & debates on this issue certainly need to end for all times to come. Let us resolve to put our mite to bring this social evil to its final end.