Since few time,me and many friends have started a Petition for a Constitution of the State of Quebec.
By this fact we want to correct a great mistake in the canadian history:the Canadian repatriation of the Constitution of 1982...without the Quebec.
Since this time (and for more peoples: before 19820 we are not a part of the Canadian Confederation ,but...in fact we stay in the same situation of the appartenance inside the British North America Act,a colony.
Also,I created this opportunuity for change the rules of the game because nothing protect the rights and the "Values" of the people of Quebec,like the Constitution of the United States or the France ;for exemple.
There is the translation of the original text of the Michel Duchaine's petition:
WHEREAS, On April 17, 1982, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, then Prime Minister of Canada, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada and head of state recognized constitutionally and then the Attorney General of Canada, Jean Chrétien signed the Act of 1982 Canada. This law, also known as "Canada Bill" repatriated to "Canada", the Constitution by adding a Bill of Rights and Freedoms and a procedure for amending the Constitution. Canada then became officially an independent state, but ... without Quebec,

WHEREAS the people of Quebec, during the last referendum on 30 October 1995, was the victim of an odious machination and a fraudulent scam now known as the "Sponsorship Scandal" or sums of money from public funds were diverted to reward the lies and undemocratic maneuvers occurred during this public consultation,

WHEREAS, tens of thousands of foreign nationals were fraudulently accepted as "landed immigrants" by federal authorities deliberately so that they can take advantage of the federalist camp in favor of "No" in the referendum and vote Consequently, what was a major and decisive impact on the final result very tight

We the People Quebecers

Declare openly that deal with this fraud policy we consider ourselves as sovereign openly at home, and demand that justice be done by allowing the open consultations with the citizens of Quebec to gather their opinions and suggestions on


legally to write and present the results by popular vote for approval, which document will be sanctioned by our National Assembly votes in Quebec.

Our National Assembly of Quebec will subsequently the responsibility to decide the constitutional future of Quebec, by a solemn declaration in regular session.

WHEREAS it is legal vacuum concerning the adoption by the Commission British Foreign allowing the repatriation of the Canadian Constitution by accepting that Quebec is excluded from these agreements, 18 January 1982

We who sign this petition asking that the National Assembly would allow the people of Quebec to decide on a draft Constitution of the State of Quebec without contact us to corrupt politicians, fraudsters and centralizing powers that keep us from Ottawa in this situation by irresponsible beings, and consider that we remained linked to the constitutional situation before ... January 18, 1982.

What makes us, Quebec, Quebec French language, as well as any other occupant of Québec, including the descendants of First Nations of Quebec and English-speaking subjects of the heirs of the Crown of the British Empire, which the Act of British North America serves as our constitution ... now.

So in fact legal, we are subjects of a colony of the British Empire, because we do not belong "legally" in Canada.

We, the undersigned, therefore urge the National Assembly of Quebec, will take note of the Quebec people by appointing a Provisional Council responsible for making consultations on the basic text of the "so-called" Constitution of the State of Quebec and held later in the adoption of the "so-called" constitution by the National Assembly,

direct talks with representatives of Queen Elizabeth II to introduce them to the democratic decision of the people of Quebec.
So a support for our cause,is a support for all the people and the democracy around the world !
Please sign our petition and share with your friends: