Save Our Native Treaty Rights

Protect bee populations in the UK by banning neonicotinoid insecticides.

The disappearance of bees is yet another indication of our unfolding Climate Crisis. Not only do we need to fix our financial systems to rise above our present obsolete, unworthy and corpse-like monetary policy, but we must also address the damage already…Read More

To Prime Minister Harper, we are Idle No More...

The Inaugural Address We Really Need

If our present day politicians could only get down to the brass tacks as did our citizen politicians in the first generation of our Nation, we would be better served. With that in mind, consider this offering of another style of Inaugural Address That Went…Read More

US Initiative Update - January 16, 2013

We are hearing from groups such as "Fix Our Debt" that we must avoid raising our debt ceiling, as our National Debt has led to our Financial Crisis. Is this true? It seems not, and the facts supporting its lack of truth follow: During the eight years from…Read More

The United Success Initiative Plan (3/5)

USI Plan (3/5) -- White House Petition: (  (vi) The Federal Reserve System, through their Regional Branches, assists the States within each of these Regions in creating a similar method within each State for handling the State…Read More

The United Success Initiative Plan (2/5)

USI Plan (2/5) (3) Transform and strengthen our Monetary Policy through the following Legislative, Governmental, Financial Institution, Procedural and Information Processing changes: (a) Repeal the 16th Amendment, thereby ending the Federal Income Tax for…Read More
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