White House Petition: http://wh.gov/U7Xv

We need at least 25,000 signatures on this White House petition by February 3rd. Please follow the link at the top or bottom, and sign this petition today in order to help lead us all to a brighter day. Thank you!!!

Linked above and below is a petition posted to the White House website that requests a high level panel be formed to review a simple yet radical plan to fix our Financial Crisis through following an astonishing idea whose time has come:

End all income, sales, and property taxes and deficit borrowing currently funding all levels of government, and in their place simply retain 70% of the interest paid on loans originated out of "thin air" by Fed Shareholder Banks, money that does not even exist until loaned and is backed only by the Trust of our People, and with the total interest paid on these loans estimated to have been over $6 Trillion during 2012 alone, which is well over our federal budget.

Adopting the plan referenced in this petition stabilizes our economy in a way that helps to create effective solutions for our Financial and Climate Crises.

White House Petition: http://wh.gov/U7Xv