This is a cause to help raise funds for an alburge in Granon, Spain but let me first start off by telling you why i feel this is important and hope that it will touch your heart in a way that in some way you can also be apart of it as well.

I walked the Camino de Compostelle last year and had many experiences that i will truly cherish and think on every day. One of them is La Casa De Las Sonrisas which is an alburge that is in Granon, Spain where I was invited with a group of other pilgrims to help do some building of it. The owner is Ernesto who is a wonderful person who has walked the camino 12 times and had a dream to build an Alburge for pilgrims who also are walking the camino. what was to happen was truly a blessing not only for him but for many others and my self. This man took a chance to LIVE his dream and bought a building and in 40 days 30+ different persons came thru Granon and stayed a short time and helped do renovations on this alburge so all the work that has been done so far for the most part was done by Fellow pilgrims who used there work skills and know how and artistic gifts to help build something for pilgrims.

 We where able to open it the last week i was there and only had 5 beds at the time and we where able to raise a little money form donations because it is a Donation alburge but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done and i mean a lot. there are 2 more floors to renovate still one of them being where Ernesto will live in a small apartment because this will be his home as well as a place where pilgrims can rest while walking the camino. there is also a couple buildings out back that will be turned into washing rooms and a garden for pilgrims there is a kitchen and dinning area that needs to be built to accommodate feeding pilgrims. there are also a couple projects on the table to help make it self sustainable such as solar heating.

Now my goal here is 3 fold 1. to raise money to help build something that will benefit others on the camino and help them WALK THE WAY. 2. to be apart of building something that is self sustainable and show that it is possible. 3. To help Ernesto live his dream that will inspire others to see what can really be achieve when we as the human race can put aside all are petty differences and come together as we are meant to.

 In joining this cause I am hoping you all feel the same and will help to support something that will benefit others on the camino and spill out to effect the world the point of the cause is to raise money to buy supplies to help in the renovation and building of La casa de las sonrisas. you can contact Ernesto or my self on Facebook if you have any other questions or if you would also like to stop by and help in the renovating of the alburge. In the end i am asking you to help in some way to take time to make a difference in the end there are 2 types of people ... the talkers and the doers ... any one can talk but it is the doers that get things done.

I am trying to figure out how to set up an internet system for the fund raising  for donations but until then please contact Ernesto and send him the money or supplies directly if you wish. Also please post this cause on Face book and tell others that may be interested in helping to raise money.

Contact info for Ernesto is- Ernesto Diaz Sobremazas --- calle mayor 16, Grañón, La Rioja, Spain --- +34 687 87 78 91 --- [email protected] --- https://www.facebook.com/pages/La-Casa-De-Las-Sonrisas/330782887003808

God Bless