The health, development, and prosperity of any society rests on one prerequisite: Peace.

On the frontlines of every conflict, there are local people who have the skills, intelligence, and drive - and the trust of their communities - to broker peace from the ground up. Those who mediate, those who educate, those who champion an alternative to violence.

Peace Direct (www.peacedirectusa.org) finds, funds, and promotes the work of these extraordinary local heroes, who are making a tangible difference in turning the tide of conflict. Local heroes in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Nepal, Kashmir, the DRC, and other conflict flashpoints across the globe.

Individual contributions, from generous donors like you, are the bedrock of our work.

A dollar in the hands of a talented and resourceful local peacebuilder is the most cost-effective way to stop violence and save lives. It is not outsider interventions but LOCAL PEOPLE who are best situated to solve their own problems and lay the foundation for a lasting peace, and a stronger, healthier, and more prosperous society.

Stand by those who stand for peace. Stand by Peace Direct.

Visit us at www.peacedirectusa.org to learn more about our mission and impact.