Universal Design in Learning (UDL) is a way of instruction that optimizes learning and assessments for everyone. For example in college classes, many professors talk fast and change topics a lot, its hard to keep track. What if you were able to download a presentation that you can edit on your computer for notes (you could even simultaneously watch the presentation and listen to the lecture). Another idea is to have a set of paper notes with wide margins and line spacing to add to during the lecture. In business everyone in the meeting gets hand copies to take notes on, why not in school? Why do we need universal design? Because we're not paper cutouts that are flat and we don't all look, act or think the same.

The Seven Principals of Design
Principle 1: Equitable Use
Principle 2 : Flexibility in Use
Principle 3: Simple and Intuitive Use
Principle 4: Perceptible Information
Principle 5: Tolerance for Error
Principle 6: Low Physical Effort
Principle 7: Size and Space for Approach and Use

This is Universal Design. Maryland has a law that has already been passed mandating the use of Universal Design with Learning (UDL) in its schools. If Maryland can why not the rest of the country? Why not Florida?