Back to Banquet halls in south Delhi- my amazing experience

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I have realized one more thing that if you organize wedding at an ordinary place, people will take it as general but if you choose wedding function to be held at banquet hall, people will love it to attend. Actually they take wedding at such venue as a status symbol so if you do so you, no doubt, your status will be increased in society. There is one more thing which makes such banquet hall as a perfect destination for wedding.
My friend is just a normal earning person but still
without baring any heavy kick on his economical front his marriage is organized

banquet halls in south Delhi.  This has really given me an idea that a normal
earning person can also organize wedding in royal way in banquet. 

Wedding is really an auspicious, great and onetime celebration event of our life which should really be celebrated in unique and memorable way
Actually as we all know that such halls used to be decorated in very nice way so it's obvious that photos taken at such place will look very beautiful because of beautiful background.

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