There are only 17 more shopping days until my 47th birthday. I do not want to dissuade anyone from buying me quality leather goods or gag socks, but IN ADDITION to a fabulous gift, you might want to make a small donation to one of my favorite organizations -- MAZON -- A JEWISH RESPONSE TO HUNGER.

Of course the standard Jewish response to hunger is to overeat. But the good people of Mazon recognize that this is not an option for millions of people. That's why they combat hunger through education, advocacy, strategic initiatives, and direct grants. They have raised tens of millions of dollars to help those facing hunger issues, regardless of race, religion, or any other factor.

Please join Mazon's dedication to "tikkun olam" -- repairing the world -- by making a donation.

A minimal kick-in gets you a heartfelt thank-you and a year's worth of being followed by me on Twitter. At least once a week, I will check in to your feed, and laugh gently to myself at something you've posted. Promise!

All my hugs,