Hi my name is Christine and I want to raise awerness and change the image of woman. I am 42 years old and still I get to hear most everyday degrading comments about my body and my face. Now it is not what you think, men dont tell me I am ugly, they say I am beautiful and demand access to my body for sex, they send pictures of their genders and are very open with what they think I am. In Delhi recently a young woman got gang-raped and later died by her injuries, in Sweden we have had several nasty rapes in 2012 and I can confirm that it is most impossible to find a relationship since most men I encounter only speak of sex (this is a heavy sign that something is wrong). I want to start changing the image of woman not only in Sweden but around the world. I think we need to find family values again, we need to erase the degrading image of woman as sex objects and show what woman really are. The number of bad actions against woman across the world cant even be measured and the tragedy continues every second until we make a change. This cause will run for a year and I hope that in the end it will be signed by as many as possible... its not only India, the Arab countries and China it is Europe too... It's not only muslims it is every religion. Abuse against woman is terrible but it starts with the individual thought of moral and life value. How could we go so wrong?