On the grounds of Human Rights, we appeal to Government of Canada to:
•Condemn the Sex Selective abortions of baby girls in Canada and Stop this horrific crime that violates of women’s rights
Girls are being eliminated from world’s population every minute. Global ratio is declining and causing strong gender imbalance which leads to increase of violence against women, rapes, prostitusion and human trafficking. According to the United Nations, up to 200 million females are missing because of GENDERCIDE.
(Gendercide/ Female Feticide is the act of aborting a fetus because it is female. Elimination of a girl child in womb itself, done deliberately after detection of the child’s gender through medical means)
According to latest studies, this practice is present in Canada. Female Feticide is not one community, culture of country’s problem but a Global Issue which demands a global participation to secure a better future for generations.
Condemn this horrific crime which takes away the most basic right of a human being, their RIGHT TO LIVE. Let us all come together as one family, regardless of race, religion, culture or which political party we belong to. Let us to one common ground which is HUMANITY. Take action, Stand up, Speak up and Be the voice to the girls that are being aborted, to mothers that are being forced into abortions just because their baby is a baby girl.

We urge all the International human rights bodies, Woman’s rights organizations and other governments to join us in this effort.

Women give birth to civilizations – Save the Girl Child