On Dec,20,2012 My Brother chino was gunned down on 2023 Castor Ave at exactly 1:00 pm.
His murderer still walks free, Chino was an activist as well as a musician and a hip hop Artist who loved going around helping out the community along with my husband Gregory Bucceroni who is also an active activist with Men United for a better philadelphia and many other organizations.
He was collaborating with his little Brother Mike-AKA- Picolee my Husband on ideas for a new song he was writing and putting together for the victims of The Newton, Connecticut Shootings.
He believe so strongly in gettings Guns of the streets and out the hands of our future children.
Well sadly to say as i speak for me and my family that my baby brother was killed by the very same thing he was trying so hard to get out of the streets, G.U.N.S.
Please Help me send a message to the President, The Commissioner, The Mayor and so many others.. to pass a law that prohibits any criminals and minors from getting their hands on weapons out in the streets.
Our Babies are killing each other .. how many more Mothers have to loose their Husbands ,sons and daughters to a Gun before someone finally says enough.