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Action Alert: Children at risk of VPD's Child Dead in PA after ANtiVaccine Parents Let Die

Appalling. ANtivaccine/antimedicine belief on the part of the parents: Hope Elizabeth Delozier had a simple ear infection which progressed to bacterial meningitis. The strain would have been blocked by the Prevnar vaccine but the child had received NO VACCINES and NO MEDICAL ATTENTION from birth. Hope Elizabeth died as her parents did nothing. This case, making news yesterday across the nation, is only one of many fueled by the deranged propaganda of the antivaccine movement. The Delozier case may be studied at and our petiton at

You can help by supporting California's Senate Bill 277. SInce religious exemptionism is a sticking point and Governor Brown, educated in the Jesuit tradition, seems to be particularly vulnerable to such concerns, the petition features a graphic of Jesus healing the leper but don't let that deter you...

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