URGENT ACTION ALERT Please sign the petition via the link below. Tell the CDC  that meningitis vaccinations must be available to all who are at high risk regardless of their financial status.  AVID is a parrallel, more broadly  focused undertaking of 

T.E.A.C.H. www.causes.com/teachwww.twitter.com/ActVInfectiousD in affiliation with HEAL, a project of the Interfaith Initiative of Santa Barbara. Rev. Douglass J. Miller chairs HEAL, which stands for Health Empowerment and Love. We promote hygiene and flu shits for the unhoused.
Now covering the resurgence of polio, TB, SARS-like novel coronavirus, H5N2 and other threats to our communities.   http://thisisinfluenza.blogspot.com/
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*Debunking of unscientific myths about flu and flu vaccine. This cause is a project of Teach Everywhere About Community Health.
Concerned about canine health? Check out WWW.causes.com/k9