Please sign this petition against the ban on pigeon keeping and wild pigeons.
The city of Cornwall is addressing health problems due to some people/companies disregarding taking basic hygiene measures and managing their properties in accordance with health standards. Because of their ignorance, there is no need to punish responsible pet owners, pigeon keepers, and more than that, wild pigeons which are part of nature.
Banning wild pigeons in the city will become Animal Cruelty ( as there is no humane way to eradicate them).
Please sign this petition and further to this write a letter to the Council, especially Mr. Gerald Samson. Here is a link to all Councillors e-mail adresses:
Please watch the debate from City's webcast to hear how much information they lack when it comes to pigeons.
Find on the Calendar date November 26, Click Get Video, Scroll to Domestic Pigeon Keeping Interests, Click on it and watch: