Update on February 25, 2013

CITY OF CORNWALL DECISION REGARDING BY LAW. THANK YOU ALL& THANK YOU CITY OF CORNWALL COUNSELORS. It was a success. No killing and the ban feeding for the ferals couldn't find it in the report: "Conclusion The Bylaw Amendment recommendations presented…Read More

Update on February 12, 2013

Dear friends, the Council Meeting to decide by law on Pigeon keeping ban and Feral pigeon ban was set on February 25-2013.  With less than 150 signatures we can reach our goal of 1,000 signatures. This is a great achievement since our petition was only for 2…Read More

Update on February 06, 2013

Dear friend, thank you for your support. Tomorrow the letter to City Counsel of Cornwall will be sent along with this petition and other documentation regarding pigeons' history  life, heroism, and pigeon control- dove cotes/pigeon contraception. Thank you…Read More

Update on January 13, 2013

We reached more than half signatures. Thank you for support and keep sharing. According with my telephone conversation, City of Cornwall, ON, received a petition from the club members, pigeons keepers from Cornwall. Who will defend the wild pigeons, the…Read More


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