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Update on May 10, 2013

 When my husband was in Vietnam if his platoon got in trouble he was able to call in a myriad of support options, which included artillery, jet airstrikes, helicopter gunships. 

However, in Iraq and Afghanistan our young warriors can't do this.  They must request support which is rarely given even after our troops have taken casualties. Our government is more concerned in protecting the house the enemy is shooting from because if they hit it they may kill civilians. If our men die they have little concern.

 I am sure this is the policy they were working under in Libya. Our government felt it could not protect our embassy and their fellow American from a terrorist attack because we might be accused of killing civilians.

That policy is why Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods gave their lives. They were the kind of men who could not walk away when other Americans were in danger of being killed. They radioed for help that knew was in the area, but it never came. So they gave their lives to get the embassy personnel to safety. Others in the SEAL community have told me, "They were the best of the best."

I have heard the same story as the one below many times from military personnel who have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"U.S. troops were unable to return fire because of rules of engagement and the possibility of "friendlies" in the building from which the attack was launched. West called that "unconscionable."Read more at (

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