I am a huge advocate for Security Safety in Schools and Public Dwellings and would like our Nations Leaders to support funding that would give grant money to States to be used specifically for Threat Deterrence. This would include all Public and Private Schools, Colleges and Universities. Malls, Movie Theaters, Etc. The funding would be used at the State, County and Municipal levels and would provide for Intensive Training of Personnel such as Specialized Law Enforcement, Security Teams and forming of School Personnel "Security Teams" to respond immediately to threats, Integrated Security Systems and Security Devices i.e. Scanners and "Man Traps" We will be presenting an effective Systems Design and offering Consultation as well as Training to anyone concerned with the upward trend of violence in our society. We are not seeking glory or riches from this but trying to do our duty as Patriots and provide solutions to a growing epedemic. We pushing for an Interactive/Integrated Security and Access System to be implemented in all Public and Private Schools. This system would be a very simple and user friendly way for school personnel, on campus police or security personnel to have complete control of their campuses while preventing potential threats. You need sophisticated Integrated systems. City or County provided Police are a very small deterrent and the cost of staffing has major problems and usually lacks the support and funds to be budgeted in. "Security" personnel 90% of the time lack the proper training to be placed in a school setting. In my professional opinion, unless all personnel are trained properly then they are of little use in a real threat scenario. In conclusion my solution is this: Implement Integrated Security and Access Control/Camera systems in every US School and in select Public Buildings, staff threat deterrent personnel at schools that have intensive training skills, Implement a "Security" Team of hand selected school personnel who are properly trained to respond to threat scenarios and last but of great importance, have parents and citizens get involved and be an active part of security procedures and safety. Our company is currently working on an Integrated system that will achieve excellent threat deterrence not only in schools but public buildings such as Malls, etc. and we will be lobbying hard for a complete overhaul of Security procedures at all School campuses nationwide. I will be happy to share opinions and thoughts with anyone who is serious about stopping senseless acts like the tragic and sad events that claimed the little souls and adults in Sandy Hook, CT Please send me a message on LinkedIn, on our FB page or visit our website if you care to network with us about this security concern. Force Five Integration on FB or http://www.forcefiveint.com