On my Sammed Sikarjee vandana on 1st Jan 2013, I saw several things which require immediate notice and remedy. Since many pilgrims purchase tea,biscuits,chips,cold drinks,lemonade,etc from the vendors on the hill they have started living on the hill. They are keeping Cock and Hens for Eggs on the hill. Secondly the pilgrims who consume biscuits, chips,etc they simply throw away the empty wrappers here and there on the hill which is really annoying. This hill is not a PICNIC place it is our foremost religious place from were billions of our saints have attained moksha(salvation). Apart from purchasing these eatables few people also purchase gutka, pan masala, etc on the hill, well this is simply non tolerable. I would like you all to come forward and take take a vow to stop such activities. Kindly don't purchase eatables from vendors on hill, collect empty wrappers of biscuits,chips and throws them in dustbins placed on the hill or bring them down and always keep in mind that you are on a religious trip NOT A PICNIC.