The Lost Kids of Newtown Kids Center.

I propose a prime time special to educate Newtown, CT and the world about the recent tragedy of Sandy Hook and how we can address the trauma it will no doubt cause and ensure that these children and the heroic adults will be remembered AND honored.

Through esential knowledge and proper care, we can move on from this- depending on the level of care will also determine its lasting effects. Our hearts will remain broken and they will scar over- but we will heal. The families that lost loved ones however will never fully heal, and we as a society- a nation must take them under our wings and offer all the love and support we can.

I propose an evening of script, song, and compassion. We address the horror in a manner to educate, offer resources and means to prevent/limit the traumatization, and band together as a collective whole so we as a nation can begin to heal.

I propose THE GAP/SAKS create and sell t-shirts to raise funding- complete with the names of victims on the backs. (tone on tone.)

I propose we offer scholarships in the names of the 20 children lost so that they may live on.

Essentially, I want us all to care so that this never happens again. And those involved have essential tools in order to stay as close to their chosen paths as possible.

THIS IS MY CHRISTMAS WISH......and I've forgone my own Christmas with my 3year old to ensure that this wish comes true!