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Larry Berry for Mayor’s Youth Employment and Education Program

Larry's submission:

I'm part of the Connect for Good community because I understand the
significance of helping to uplift your community first hand.

I come from an underserved neighborhood in San Francisco and grew up in a
household near the poverty line during most of my childhood. It was the MYEEP
program (Mayor's Youth Employment and Education Program) that played an
important role in getting me to where I am today. This program has helped me
develop critical work skills that have kept me consistently employed since the
age of 14, demonstrated the importance of community service with numerous
volunteer events and played a huge role in supporting me with great mentors to
help me get into college.

This program is one of the best resources underserved San Francisco youth will
ever have and should be a model for other cities that would like to get their
children proactively involved in their communities.

About Mayor's Youth Employment and Education Program: (

The Mayor's Youth Employment and Education
Program (MYEEP) provides subsidized employment opportunities for approximately
1,500 low-income, high school aged youth each year. The goal of the program is
to support the positive development of youth in San Francisco by engaging them
in meaningful employment, career, leadership, and community involvement
opportunities. MYEEP is overseen by a collaboration of 8 community-based
organizations (with JCYC as the lead agency), which ensures citywide inclusion
in the program, as well as access to a diverse array of services.


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