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Cipandliza Gutierrez for Palatine Opportunity Center

Cipandliza's submission:

It's easy to be passionate about the Palatine Opportunity Center (POC), because it's NOT JUST ONE cause. The POC is a non-for-profit center that empowers ALL people. From giving at-risk, low income youth a chance at learning about sports & arts to supporting a community garden to having literacy classes, high school equivalency classes, a clinic for low income people, a mental health clinic, counseling services for seniors, families & children, to preschool programs, to women's leadership, domestic violence advocacy to helping youth develop philanthropy to helping immigrants find a home & become empowered citizens to working with therapy dogs in summer camp, the POC has it all. It's easy to be passionate about an agency that with such little money touches over 200,000 clients/yr in all areas of life. Clients come in lost, broke, seeking assistance, abused, homeless but holding on to hope for a better tomorrow, & they find it at the POC. It's easy to be passionate about the amazing POC!

About Palatine Opportunity Center (

Since 1999, the Palatine Opportunity Center (POC) welcomes and introduces families and individuals in need to the Palatine community. The POC connects people with local resources and provides a pathway for their integration and success.  We are dedicated to helping people help themselves through a variety of programs and services. From at-risk youth programs to Zumba classes, the POC continues to empower ALL people. Clients are offered a variety of services including:

* basic health care 

* library services 

* counseling and support services for families and individuals 

* Palatine Park District programs for physical improvement or for recreation

* classes in English, citizenship, computer technology and other workplace skills 

* tutoring services for adults 

* early childhood learning

* immigration paperwork assistance

* mentoring programs for at risk teenagers 

* social work services 

* after school tutoring and summer programs for low income area children


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