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Martina Kilgo for Helping Hand of Hope

Martina's submission:

I am part of the Connect for Good Community because I strongly believethat the fortunate shouldn't forget the not so fortunate members of ourcommunities and support them as good as we can. The organization I wouldnominate as deserving your support is Helping Hand of Hope in Hardin CountyKentucky. I have been a volunteer at this organization and was able to see whatpositive impact it has on the poorest in our community. They provide food andclothes and help with overdue rent and utility bills. Depending on available donations they also provide people with furniture. 

Their employees and volunteers arevery companionate about what they are doing; and there is nothing greater thanseeing the relief in the receiver's eyes knowing that they and their familieswill make it through another period without hunger, or the fear of gettingevicted. This organization who mainly works with volunteers contributesimmensely to making the lives of the poorest here better. They give HOPE!

About Helping Hand of Hope (

Helping Hand of Hope, Inc., is a community service of theElizabethtown Ministerial Association.

We offer help and hope by providing compassionate serviceand support to meet emergency needs and provide partnerships to enable self-sustaining lifestyles.

HelpingHand of Hope strives to provide assistance to our community through variousmethods. Primarily, we seek to offer help through the following means:

* Food Assistance
* Clothing Needs
* Furniture
* Financial Assistance
* Budgeting Support
* Job Readiness


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