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Dave Leiner for Imagine

Dave's submission:

There are many people less fortunate than us that need help to do things
that the rest of us take for granted. The Connect for Good community helps us
find organizations that can help such people. Imagine, located in Santa Cruz,
California, is one such organization that exemplifies these goals. Imagine's
Support Living provides people with services to live as independently as
possible in an environment typical of those without such disabilities. My son's
severe developmental disabilities require significant help. Before joining
Imagine, he languished in an institution. In supported living he began to make
choices in his life and that caused his aggressive behaviors to subside
substantially. Furthermore, Imagine's director, Julie Rienhardt, is a leader in
this community. She organizes many activities and collaborates with politicians
and agencies to ensure that the people with special needs are not forgotten
when budgets are slashed and supportive legislation comes under attack.

About Imagine ( 

Our mission is to empower people with developmental disabilities through service and advocacy. Imagine is a non-profit 501C3 organization providing Supported Living and Home and Community Based Waiver services to adults with developmental and other disabilities living in Santa Cruz County. 

At Imagine, each person designs and directs their own services to achieve their personal goals.  Imagine is committed to providing innovative, creative, and high quality services regardless of an individual's disability.  We value all people and their inherent right to live the life that they wish and accomplish the goals that they set for themselves.


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