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Larry Berry for Mayor’s Youth Employment and Education Program

Larry's submission: I'm part of the Connect for Good community because I understand the significance of helping to uplift your community first hand. I come from an underserved neighborhood in San Francisco and grew up in a household near the poverty line…Read More

Cipandliza Gutierrez for Palatine Opportunity Center

Cipandliza's submission: It's easy to be passionate about the Palatine Opportunity Center (POC), because it's NOT JUST ONE cause. The POC is a non-for-profit center that empowers ALL people. From giving at-risk, low income youth a chance at learning about…Read More

Delores Van Tuyl Champ for Marian Hope Center

Delores's submission: Marian Hope Center for Children's Therapy (MHC), Independence, MO, provides intensive therapeutic classes for children with special needs (autism, Down syndrome, etc.) ages 18 months-18 years old. MHC provides speech-language and…Read More

Michelle Peoples for St. John's Shelter

Michelle's submission: There is no greater feeling than knowing that your voice, added to the voices of others, has made a difference. The power to evoke change by asking other Americans to simply click to sign a petition and that change actually occurs is…Read More

Martina Kilgo for Helping Hand of Hope

Martina's submission: I am part of the Connect for Good Community because I strongly believethat the fortunate shouldn't forget the not so fortunate members of ourcommunities and support them as good as we can. The organization I wouldnominate as deserving…Read More

Dave Leiner for Imagine

Dave's submission: There are many people less fortunate than us that need help to do things that the rest of us take for granted. The Connect for Good community helps us find organizations that can help such people. Imagine, located in Santa…Read More
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