'WhiteWolf of Gitche Gumee' (WOLF) is an 11-year old (12 in January), former sled dog from Northern Wisconsin, who I rescued from a Wisconsin Humane Society shelter in 2002, along with a female partner, Chuka, who has since passed away last year, after a stroke. Wolf is the alpha male and lead dog of the all-rescued, five Husky 'WhiteWolf Pack'.

Wolf began sneezing really hard, about 8 months ago. I took him to a vet and they said; "it's probably just allergies, put him on benadryl." He was on it for months, but it did no good. About 6 weeks ago, his snout started swelling and his nose running profusely. He snores very loudly and can no longer breathe through his nose nor I assume, can he smell. (a dog without sense of smell may as well be blind!) He has a hard time finding a sleeping position where he can breathe comfortably. He has lost the desire to run on our daily morning hikes.

I took him to another vet and $320 later, tests showed what it was NOT, but not what it is. They put him on antibiotics (Doxycycline) and recommended a specialist, as the swelling was from inside his mouth to the top of his snout, and growing.

The specialist examined him ( another $90) and recommended an immediate CT Scan and biopsies to determine a prognosis. They took him off the antibiotic and put him on an
anti-inflammatory (Meloxicam) The scan and treatment estimate is approximately $2000.

Total costs to date, with no treatment except medications is $500 with another $2000 estimated just to find out what it is, and possible treatment with proboscomy, and radiation, assuming the worst. If it turns out to be a tumor, there is no surgery or chemotherapy that will work, only radiation.

Why is this a 'CAUSE'?
I have been rescuing and sheltering dogs for over 40 years, always at my own expense.
With the recent economic crash, I have lost everything. My business, my retirement funds
invested in it, my home, and I have been selling off what little personal property I had left, to stay alive and keep the dogs happy ans healthy. I apparently have reached the age where I am no longer of value to the employment community (proven by over 265 applications- with no interviews), I took early Social Security, which is what I and the dogs live on. It is gone 2 days after the check arrives, just paying for rent, utilities and food.

I have a Siberian Husky Facebook site, (Siberian Husky Assn of Arizona - SHAAZ) https://www.facebook.com/groups/shaazsibes/
where I have asked for contributions from members, for Wolf's tests and treatments. Even with almost 100 members, less than 20% have contributed, so I must reach out, and ask that you do the same.

I have placed Facebook Ads that are directed to similar rescue sites, and FB members that have interest in such sites, in hopes of finding more people who are willing to help.

Through the generosity of merely a precious few thus far, we have raised enough to pay the previous vet bills, and about 25% of the deposit for the next phase of Wolf's treatment! Hopefully these few donations will not be in vain, because we could not raise enough to save him in time.

I had hoped that by starting this as a 'CAUSE', more of the generous folks who care for animals as I do, will be willing to donate to Wolf's treatment fund and work to get others to do the same. I have all the vet records, invoices and recommendations available for examination by potential donors, and they are also posted in the FILES section of the SHAAZ website, along with a donation progress chart, showing what has been donated to date, and what has been paid to providers.

The vet specialist said that Wolf needs to have a CT scan 'VERY SOON' and it requires a 60% deposit to begin any testing or treatment. There is very little left in the 'Wolf PayPal Donation Fund', to even scratch the surface of this requirement. I am not sure how this CAUSE PLEDGE site works, so I am again posting the link to Wolf's donation site here.


Please donate to help keep this wonderful animal alive!

Join us for updates on Wolf and other at-risk dogs at:

Thank you!
Doug Noyce
Corona de Tucson, AZ