47 million tons of horse manure in Europe every year : a pollution burning grounds, developing parasites, asphyxiating waters and propagating sicknesses by air (flies)... far away from the Stables.
A public health matter, an environmental issue, acknowledged by scientists and law courts !

Stop !
A solution is there...
A "Clean Stables" sharing system.
Horses can contribute significantly to change climate issues !
Recycling of 47 million tons polluting Horse wastes (poo) !

How ?
Easy vacuum pickup tools + Free removal + purchase of the poo !
Deep Recycling into various clean products with a substantial effect on the climate, thanks to CO2 restructuring.

This is only possible with your support (Membership) in order to build the cooperative structure being able to provide with such a solution and much more, for the benefit of so many (horse related or not).

More informations are available at : www.horsepoobank.com where you can join online.

Please, support our action on facebook too : "like" and "share" so that we can develop the "Horse Poo Bank" in Europe, in the US and in Canada (others are welcome).