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That's what is needed to be changed first, to give all people equal access to resources - is major aim of RBE! And also see this - after some level when basic needs met, increase of consumption doesn't increase…Read More

A Story of Change

This is a type of activism I really admire, great progress! Sexy, brave & smart women! Hope they Born & foster lots of children with even more such qualities! #directaction #information Share, please!

Workers of the world... Relax!

Share please! What is really important labor - buiulding infrastructure providing everybody with clean water, healthy food, Internet, wide outlook & relevant education on TVP and related issues in Africa & other most expropriated regions of the…Read More

Investigating Human Behavior

Great video. I've watched it a year ago - and now rewatch, and comprehend a lot new info. Understanding - is, first of all, matching offered ideas with experience person has, matching map with territory. For information that differs much from what one got…Read More

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