Bill to become law any person who carrys one or more guns to kill or carrys out to kills people children or adults at any public place or streets blocks or schools in a community also parks or malls or apartment complaces or any educated community or collage and they shoot or killed or cause engery to harm a person or persons shell be arrested brouht to justice if found guilty shell recive more then no less then 56 to 70 years in Federal jial and 40 years of federal probation after release from federal prison and also will be supervise by eny mental health community or Houspital upon release from Federal prison and if release from mental health must be supervise by state probation for more then 15 years or less then five years by that state and if release they are band from going were they commited the crime if on the property were they cause this crime they if found guilty shell serve addition 35 years in Federal prison.