School shootings are nothing new, but still a rare occurrence compared to other dangers that are life threatening to our children. However, when they do occur, they are always very tragic due to innocent and defenseless nature of our kids; especially in school zones were firearms are already restricted from being carried by the average person thanks to federal law that has existed for decades.
These laws do not deter those who have decided not to follow other laws like illegal firearms purchases, stealing, conspiracy to commit murder, and first degree murder.
There must be a better way to protect our children from the lawless, hateful, and criminally insane, then simply passing more laws that only already law abiding citizens will follow. I believe empowering our teachers and school administrators is the real answer. Please join me in this partition to request our federal and state government officials take action to enable our teachers to be able to protect our kids.

Please encourage your representatives at the state and Federal levels to pass laws to allow all teachers at all grade levels at all public and private schools, to be provided training free of charge to them, that will enable them - at thier own discretion and choice - to provide protection to the children, staff, visitors, and themselves, in cases of life threatening assaults upon school grounds. This shall include all types of self defence training, up to and including training to certify for carrying concealed firearms on thier persons while on school grounds at any time; including travel to and from work or home without recourse from any federal, state or local laws or regulations.