Let us stand for our rights as Americans to own firearms. Every time a mentally ill person uses a gun to kill, our right to bear arms is attacked.
I can't get past this senseless and evil killing at the elementary school in Connecticut. It has deeply upset me. As a father and grandfather, my heart aches for the parents of these children and the other innocents who died at the hands of a psychopathic monster.
At least 27 dead. 20 of them small children. All of them defenseless and innocent. They didn't have a hope, not a chance with this insane monster.
But lets be real, a mentally sick individual killed these innocents, guns did not, guns were only his tool. If he wanted to do this and couldn't get the guns, he would have used a different tool. A knife, sword, chainsaw, baseball bat, hammer, etc., etc. could have been used to murder these people. The man was obviously mental ill, maybe someone close to him should have sought help for him, instead of denying his being unbalanced.
For those who want to take away our gun rights, remember this disaster. Remember that every faculty member was "disarmed" by law leaving all those kids at the mercy of an insane armed criminal. This was a "gun-free" zone, criminals do not obey the laws that is why we call them criminals.
Criminals do not get their guns through only lawful transactions, they buy them off the streets. Gun control laws do not stop them, they only make it harder for law abiding citizens to protect themselves and their families.
I am angry beyond words because the law forbade any law-abiding faculty at the school from being armed. This left every faculty member and those precious children at the mercy of criminals like this psychopath who can always get guns illegally. They can prey on anyone they want, any time they want - even kids. It’s just outrageous. Yet the law-abiding are left defenseless. How can this be? It's just wrong.
This disaster supports arming law-abiding adults, not disarming them. You can't protect anyone by disarming law-abiding citizens. The police couldn’t get there in time to save a soul. They almost never do. If the principal, assistant principal, or other staff had been armed they could have stopped this from being as bad as it was. Let’s arm teachers and at least give them a chance to protect themselves and their students. Either that or pay for metal detectors and armed police in every school.
Contact your elected officials (President, Vice-President, Senators, and Representatives) and tell them to stand up for your rights. Your rights to own firearms for protection, for hunting, for target shooting, or just for the sake of owning them.
As a veteran I, along with millions of others since 1776 have volunteered our lives to maintain our Constitutional rights and our freedoms. Now we all need to stand together.